Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop is the Betsoft version of Candy Crush, and it is a better game by far, offering twenty levels and plenty of bonus features. This five-reel game sees symbols falling into place on the reels and any matching symbols exploding out of the way down the reels to make room for new symbols to rumble down. The more symbols that match, the higher the meter rises at the side of the reels and the sooner the game jumps to the next level. It is an all ways pays game, meaning that symbols payout in any direction as long as there are three or more matching on the reels. In addition, payouts are awarded when three or more of the same sweet symbols appear on the reels in any direction.

Different Symbols and Sweets Pay Different Bonus Options on the Many Levels

The lollipop from the first level will respin the reels and swirl the positions around, creating new winning payouts. The chocolate appears as a 3x3 symbol and melts symbols around it. From level two, the caramel chew can chew a path when appearing on the reels, making room for new symbols. Four of the same color trigger the super color giving an extra multiplier. The color bomb is activated when five of the same color are matched on the reels. And from level four, the white chocolate creates almond missiles that shoot across the reels and make room for new symbols. From level six, the gum drop sucks up symbols in the path. And at level eight, the jawbreaker crushes any symbols above or below or on either side of it. The tenth level brings candy canes to the screen that explode vertically and horizontally, making room for new symbols, and at level twelve, the jelly beans explode between one to five symbols creating more spaces. Sugar Pop is an all ways pays game full of sweetness and rewards for every online and mobile player.